Six Marketing And Advertising Tips For Your Company

“The consumer is not an idiot, and it is your wife.”

This means that the intelligence of the buyer must always be respected. Your customers know you, and if you lie, they will know without any problem. Remember what Ogilvy said: Never write an ad or content that you would not like your family to see.

 “Each ad should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol that is the brand image.”

It doesn’t matter if you use different channels to transmit your message, you must make sure that your entire campaign is in sync and that it includes personal contact through new media such as social networks.

 “What really motivates a purchase decision is the content of the message, not its form.”

Thanks to the new technologies, the methods of the ads can be extremely innovative such as 3D projections, viral videos on YouTube, campaigns on Twitter, free sample delivery at home, and so on. But if these messages do not have good content, the client will discard them.

“You have to decide what image you want for your brand. Image means personality because products, like people, have personality, and this can lead to success or destroy them.”

Your product should stand out and be remarkable. If your brand causes an emotion, it will be remembered and will have high fidelity in its customers.

 “I don’t know the grammar rules, but if you want to persuade people to do something, I think you should talk to them in the language they use every day.”

Global campaigns rarely serve in different cultures if they are not first tropicalized for each region. You should also make sure that you generate content that is relevant and fits the shape of each medium. You cannot write the same for a print medium than for an online medium.

 “Never stop trying, and your strategy will never stop improving.”

There are no winning formulas that stand the test of time, so you should never stop innovating and be creative. This will keep you current.

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4 Marketing Tips For A Local SME

A local business is one that offers products or services in a particular establishment and requires that its customers go to it to consume it.

Whether we talk about clothing stores, a spa, dry cleaners, medical services, even a miscellaneous, aesthetic, or housing development, a local business “needs” the customer to go to its establishment to buy the product or service.

We can also take the local business to the online world, where the local or establishment can be a good e-commerce platform, but for the purposes of this article, we will talk only about those who do not yet sell online, of those thousands of SMEs that still require the physical presence of the client in your business to make your sales.

The main difference between the marketing of local businesses and one that is not based on territoriality, local business needs to be physically found, and generally, its main area of ​​influence and target is in its surroundings.

Remember, of course, that according to your business, turn, and philosophy, some ideas will serve you better than others.

  1. Your Local should talk about you

If you are a doctor, it offers comfort while the client waits for his turn, good chairs, coffee or water service, music, NEW magazines, TV, or WiFi.

If you are a spa, it offers an atmosphere of tranquility, confidence, personalization, pleasant smells, soft sounds, and a relentless presentation of the staff and facilities.

If you are an elementary school, it offers lots of light, a pleasant atmosphere, smiles, tenderness, a comfortable area to give reports, and a planned tour.

These small details make the difference in the customer experience, and no matter how big, complicated, or simple, your product/service can find ways to make it unique and special for your visits.

It is also great that you have brochures or flyers with this information, there will be people who do not have time to buy at that time, but you can take information to remind you and do it later.

Always give a business card to people who visit you, use them as personalized flyers, try to make them attractive and original.

Do all the branding you can within your store, examples: that your paintings are of satisfied customers, that your windows have the logo of your brand, that your uniforms have your brand and its colors, that your labels are personalized, etc. Use your brand as much as you can.

  1. Local and Specialized Advertising

When choosing which means to use to promote yourself, take care that they are local, and if your business deserves it, they are also specialized.

The best advertising for these businesses is that which is segmented by specific market areas. Some examples: Magazines or Local Newspapers, flyers, Spectacular, Directories.

The most important in your advertising to make it effective are the messages you use in it; do not forget to always include a call to action, address, and telephone.

Non-local mass media such as radio, press, and magazines can help you if your brand is already positioned or if you are launching your business, but the truth is that I advise you to start by more segmented means by colonies or specialization.

  1. Cross-Selling

Build service packages to cross your sales and increase them. No matter your business, just like McDonald’s, you can offer complementary products for each purchase:

  • If you are a doctor, you can offer medicines or vitamins at a lower cost after certain consultations.
  • If you have an aesthetic, you can offer vitamin ampoules for hair after a dye.
  • If you sell houses, you can offer the move at a lower cost after each purchase.
  • If you have a cake business, you can offer coffee to go after each purchase.

There are many examples, the idea that you use your creativity to fit attractive packages that invite you to buy more at a better price.

  1. Secondary Products

Do not let your entire business revolve around the star product or service, develop other types of products/services that allow you to have extra tickets.

If you have a dental office, you could place a showcase with hygiene products such as toothpaste, brushes, floss, etc.

If you have a SPA, you can sell your client’s health books, nutrition, recipes, beauty tips, etc.

If you have a party room, you can have as piñatas secondary products, decoration, shows, or invitation printing.

Find an extra ticket, which means that other customers can reach your business for them, even if they have not yet decided on the main product/service.…

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Internet Advertising: Why You Need It and What Options You Have

Absolutely all businesses that have a presence on the Internet, be they large or small, sell products or services, be very specific or very general – want the same thing: reach the greatest number of people by investing the least amount of resources and obtaining the most benefits possible.

Well, there is a very effective way to achieve all that and at the same time, get all your potential customers to know your business and be interested in it: Internet advertising.

And it is that unlike traditional advertising, the advertising on the Internet is becoming more accessible to all businesses, and you can reach your target audience quickly affordable, simple, effective. That is why it is gaining more and more ground among all those businesses that have an online presence.

So although having a blog is essential, having a presence in social networks is essential and having an online marketing strategy is necessary, the reality is that Internet advertising is also essential and is increasingly more common practice and you need to pay to be found.

What are the great advantages of advertising on the Internet?

Imagine you have a shop with an attractive showcase in one of the most central streets in the world, open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Simply put, a paid advertising campaign on the Internet that is well designed and executed can make your successes multiply.

But that is something that more and more people know; maybe that’s why Internet advertising moves millions and millions of dollars every year around the world. In fact, together with content marketing and video marketing, online advertising is one of the fastest-growing areas on the Internet.

Just as detail, just two years ago, Internet advertising spending worldwide reached a figure of 137.53 billion dollars, and the figure is expected to exceed even the cost of television advertising next year.

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