“The consumer is not an idiot, and it is your wife.”

This means that the intelligence of the buyer must always be respected. Your customers know you, and if you lie, they will know without any problem. Remember what Ogilvy said: Never write an ad or content that you would not like your family to see.

 “Each ad should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol that is the brand image.”

It doesn’t matter if you use different channels to transmit your message, you must make sure that your entire campaign is in sync and that it includes personal contact through new media such as social networks.

 “What really motivates a purchase decision is the content of the message, not its form.”

Thanks to the new technologies, the methods of the ads can be extremely innovative such as 3D projections, viral videos on YouTube, campaigns on Twitter, free sample delivery at home, and so on. But if these messages do not have good content, the client will discard them.

“You have to decide what image you want for your brand. Image means personality because products, like people, have personality, and this can lead to success or destroy them.”

Your product should stand out and be remarkable. If your brand causes an emotion, it will be remembered and will have high fidelity in its customers.

 “I don’t know the grammar rules, but if you want to persuade people to do something, I think you should talk to them in the language they use every day.”

Global campaigns rarely serve in different cultures if they are not first tropicalized for each region. You should also make sure that you generate content that is relevant and fits the shape of each medium. You cannot write the same for a print medium than for an online medium.

 “Never stop trying, and your strategy will never stop improving.”

There are no winning formulas that stand the test of time, so you should never stop innovating and be creative. This will keep you current.